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Relying on more than 25 years of experience, Erren Fall Protection is the authorised official partner of MSA Fall Protection, Fall Safe and MSA Latchways WinGrip, responsible for service, maintenance, training and sales in Europe.

MSA Latchways WinGrip is a fall protection system used by some 200 major companies around the world. These include players in the aviation industry, such as KLM, Lufthansa, Airbus, Boeing, Royal Air Force, Qatar Airways, NATO and Transavia, and railway industry leaders Siemens and Bombardier.

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Fall protection

MSA Fall Protection
Work at height safely using MSA’s fall protection systems. MSA fall protection systems allow you to work horizontally, vertically, on sloping surfaces and above ground level. The solutions the company provides guarantee user safety on buildings, towers, bridges and other structures and are mainly used in the aviation, energy, public amenities, firefighting and telecommunication sectors.


Fall Safe Fall Protection
Fall Safe strives to design and manufacture innovative professional fall protection equipment of the highest quality. Along with harnesses, belts, lifelines and fall arresters, the company develops entire safety systems and accessories that allow users to work at height in both safety and comfort. Fall Safe is mainly used in the construction sector and industry.


MSA Latchways WinGrip
MSA Latchways WinGrip is a safe and flexible system for use during the maintenance or construction of aircraft, trains, boats, wind turbines, etc. The MSA Latchways WinGrip system is easy to use and can be quickly installed on wings, fuselage or tailplane or other surfaces. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Having been tested to the stringent EN795 European standard, the system carries the CE mark. The MSA Latchways WinGrip system also meets the safety standards of Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA. Erren Fall Protection supplies various MSA Latchways WinGrip systems, including: WinGrip Single-User System, WinGrip Multi-User Lifeline Systems, WinGrip All-In-One (AIO) and WinGrip Barrier Systems. More detailed explanations of the WinGrip systems can be found below.

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MSA Latchways WinGrip Single Anchor Systems

The WinGrip Single-Anchor System serves as the basis for all the MSA Latchways WinGrip Systems. It consists of a vacuum module, one or more WinGrip anchors, an adjustable safety line and a safety harness.

When used in accordance with the WinGrip working method for which training is supplied, the system creates a safe environment for one person working on wings, fuselage or stabilisers. The WinGrip Single-Anchor System can also be used in a variety of other environments and for various other industrial applications. It is quick and easy to install, portable, and suitable for the performance of both short-duration and prolonged maintenance work.

MSA Latchways WinGrip Multi user Life-line Systems

Just like the WinGrip Single-Anchor System, the WinGrip Multi-User Lifeline Systems make use of the WinGrip vacuum anchor module.

Several WinGrip vacuum anchors positioned in a line and combined with the WinGrip Multi-User cable system can be used to create a safe working environment for up to four people.

The WinGrip shuttle allows workers to travel the entire length of the MSA Latchways WinGrip Multi-User Lifeline System (10 to 36 metres).


MSA Latchways Wingrip All In One

A vacuum module integrated into the anchor is what makes the WinGrip AIO a stand-out system. It means the WinGrip AIO is light and portable and – used in conjunction with the WinGrip AIO nitrogen cylinder – also very flexible for both indoor and outdoor use.

A full WinGrip AIO nitrogen cylinder provides users with six hours of safe working conditions. An additional WinGrip Anchor can be connected in order to create a safe ‘triangle position’.

As it comes in its own WinGrip AIO Transport Case, the WinGrip AIO is ideal for carrying out on-site servicing.


MSA Latchways WinGrip Barrier Systems

The WinGrip Barrier System was designed to protect those working at height over prolonged periods of maintenance. The uprights of the WinGrip Barrier Systems are centrally positioned in the WinGrip vacuum anchor. The horizontal components can then be mounted.

The design of the WinGrip Barrier System means that there is no need for workers to wear safety lines and/or harnesses when within the safe zone. There is also no maximum to the number of people who can use it. WinGrip training (mandatory for all other WinGrip Systems) is not required for users of the WinGrip Barrier System (but is required for installers).

WinGrip features

WinGrip Systems features

  • Easy to use and set up
  • Lightweight and portable, vacuum pad approx. 6 kg
  • Safe, flexible and reliable alternative to overhead systems
  • Modular design, fully adaptable to client needs
  • Suitable for both wet and dry conditions
  • Suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -40⁰ to +60⁰
  • Tested and used by all major aircraft manufacturers and in the rail industry
  • Runs on compressed air or nitrogen to maximise user flexibility
  • No electrical equipment or batteries involved, making work on open tanks possible
  • Meets all relevant international standards
  • With comprehensive system to monitor the air/nitrogen supply and vacuum level. If any problems are detected, an alarm sounds, with the vacuum pads remaining safe for at least another 20 minutes


MSA Latchways WinGrip Trainingen Courses

In accordance with MSA Latchways guidelines, anyone installing or using a WinGrip System is required to undergo WinGrip training (except users of the WinGrip Barrier System). Erren Fall Protection provides all MSA Latchways WinGrip training. WinGrip training courses are held on site for groups of up to four people. Training can also be given at Erren Fall Protection’s service centre in Arnhem. Course duration will depend on the training type but lasts from between half a day to three days. Certificates issued by MSA are valid for a period of three years.

There are three different training courses for:

  • Trainers
  • Installers
  • Users

We will be happy to advise you on which training course you need to take.
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Service & Maintenance

Annual service and recertification is required in order to meet safety requirements. MSA Latchways has authorised Erren Fall Protection to carry out the relevant inspections, calibrations and maintenance. Our specialised team provides these services on site or in our service centre in Arnhem.

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Wingrip by aircraft


If the type of aircraft you are looking for is not listed, please contact us for a specific working drawing. We have solutions for every type of aircraft, train, boat, wind turbine, etc. and will work with you to find just the right one for your application.

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